Frequently Asked Questions

We like things to be straightforward.  If you have any questions, please do contact us if there is something you wish to know in more detail or isn’t covered in our FAQs.

  • How quickly will a Lushlives Representative be supplied?

    We can usually provide you with cover within a week of your initial contact with us.

  • Is there a contract?

    Yes, there is a minimum three-month contract which we will go through with you at sign-up.  This is so that we are able to provide you with a regular Lushlives Representative, benefit from our management, continuity of service and liability insurance. 

  • Who supplies cleaning materials?

    We can discuss your requirements on the initial visit.  Either the Lushlives Representative can provide materials and equipment or we can use those supplied by you.  All that we ask is that electrical equipment and detergents are safe to use, just as those provided by our Lushlives Representatives will be.  We will not use bleach or products that contain bleach unless you provide such and instruct your Lushlives Representative to do so.  Note that this falls outside of our liability cover.

  • Who supplies goods for pet sitting?

    We are happy to supply cat litter and of course will replenish water, but feel that it is better for your animal to stick to the food that they are used to.  We ask that you leave a list of the feed time and quantities (which is part of the sign-up at the beginning of the pet-sitting service).  Should food for your animal run out while you are away, we will replenish and charge for such. 

  • What happens if my pet is sick while I am away?

    We have procedures in place.  Depending on the nature and urgency of action required we will take the appropriate course of care for your animal.  We will, of course contact you as soon as possible (which may not be the first thing that is done).  We take instruction from you at sign-up relating to vets, pet insurance and acting on your behalf while you are away in case of emergency only.

  • Will I have contact with my Representative prior to the first visit?

    Yes. We ask our cleaning/pet sitting/you’re away Representative to contact you to discuss in more detail your requirements and confirm date and time of the first appointment.   We feel that a call beforehand is beneficial to both parties – after all our cleaning Representative will be in your home. 

  • What checks to you carry out on your Representatives?

    We carry out an interview following receipt of an application to become a Representative.  The interview takes place in the applicants’ home – we like to get a good idea of the conditions they live in before we have them join us as a Representative.  We then follow up on references and get proof of identification.  Following satisfactory receipt of the above and a successful interview we add them to our list of cleaning Representatives.

    We first carry out a telephone interview. If the applicant seems suitable we then arrange for a more thorough interview to take place in their own home. Only after taking proof of ID and address along with references do we accept them onto our database.   For Representatives that are in your home for You’re Away services, we require these to have Police Checks.

  • Is there a minimum number of hours a week?

    No.  Unlike other companies, Lushlives offers services personalised to your schedule and needs.  If you need a bi-weekly clean – then that’s what we’ll do.  All as we ask is that you stick to the number of hours in your contract as a minimum.   Should you wish to change your requirements, please contact us to discuss.

  • What if my Lushlives Representative can't make it?

    We hope that we know before you do and can therefore make alternative provision for a Representative to cover. If that doesn’t happen, then please contact us by phone or email.

  • What if I am not happy with the service?

    Contact us please.  We will aim to resolve any issues swiftly.  If that means supplying an alternative Representative, then we are happy to do so.  We will contact you at regular intervals to see how things are going.  We want you to be delighted with our services and recommend us.

  • Do I need to provide keys?

    Our Representatives are happy to hold keys and there is no need for you to be in for cleaning services (although some clients do prefer to be).  We will acknowledge receipt of your keys should you provide those to us.  At the end of pet-sitting services or you’re away services, the keys will be returned to you.

  • Do you have public liability insurance?

    Yes, including £1,000,000 public liability insurance. In line with all other insurance policies, there is an excess with all claims.