Our Story

At Lush Lives we are about freeing up your time to enable you to spend your time doing whatever it is that you enjoy. Our role in your life is cleaningpet-carepet-sitting, house-sitting and being at your home for deliveries and installations. We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and thorough, leaving our clients safe in the knowledge that they can get on with life! We are two busy professionals, one from banking, the other from IT services. Both frustrated with rushing about, the limited quality, choice and reliability of the domestic cleaning and home services available. We found ourselves using valuable leave and weekends on cleaning and waiting for deliveries/installations, instead of doing the things that matter with friends and family. That’s where we hope Lush Lives can help you.  Committed to great service with the personal touch. You’ll wonder how you managed without us!


Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable, thorough and above all else personable. That counts when we are here to take a load off your shoulders.  Simply living made easy


Lush Lives Services

Our portfolio of services is based on our personal experience of the services that we needed and the feedback that we have received from our clients to date. Previously cleaning services were at the core of our services, however, home management covers many more areas. We how incorporate holiday look-ins, pet care, deliveries and installations and pre and post party cleans. Whatever is needed to take that load off the shoulders and make your weekend and evenings your own, just ask. We may well be able to help.



To ensure continued quality and improvement of service, we use a number of methods:

• Feedback from you, our clients We will act on that feedback – it’s valuable for client retention and the continued growth and good reputation of your business. We won’t just rely on you to contact us, we’ll also contact you because we’d like to know how things are going.

• Spot-checks We conduct spot-checks while our representatives are at your home. We want to make sure everything is spick and span and just as it should be.

• Feedback to you Here at Lush Lives, we believe the smooth-running of your home is based on good communication. Since we are in your home, we’d like to believe we can help. If we notice that your vacuum cleaner has lost it’s va-va-voom, or your polish is low and your home will lose its’ sparkle, we’ll leave you a feedback note to let you know. We hope you’ll find this helpful.

We have a number of methods of feedback, you can either give us a call or use the contact us feature and enter feedback as the subject of your message.